The suitcase contains:

  • Internally

  • 1 colored smoke launcher which ejects smoke for 50sec
  • System which blasts off 1kg of ink in 1sec

  • Externally

  • 1 colored smoke launcher which ejects smoke for 50sec

  • Cable for in-car transfer

Means of transfer

  • Carrying handle

  • —The suitcase is transferred by pressing the special button on the handle
  • We can press and release the button for 1 sec without any problems thus making the transfer of the suitcase easier

  • By-car Transfer

  • —The bag is transfered by car with a special cable tied to a fixed point
  • Any attempt to cut or disconnect the cable activates the siren for 20sec.
  • If during this period it is not disabled, the smoke and ink are activated

It can transfer::

  • 60 bundles of banknotes (i.e. 6.000 notes)

How it arms:

The suitcase is armed and disarmed with a security key

When armed

  • Audible indicator
  • Visual indicator

are available

Suitcase protection:

  • The perimeter of the suitcase is trapped with thin wire. Any attempt to cut it activates the smoke bombs and the ink
  • Is trapped at the back at the hinges
  • The front opening is trapped