Cash Transits

Advanced security solutions for Cash-in-Transit operations with 100% attack prevention.

ATM Protection

High tech ATM security solutions for cash protection from all types of attacks.

Asset Monitoring

Cash tracking solutions in real time to always determine your valuables' location.

Forensic Technology

Physical assets tagging with unique DNA signature developed for cash industry.

The future of the ATM & Cash Transits

Safemon manufactures the future of cash and asset transits by developing innovative and high quality solutions to the most challenging security demands. With more than 35 years of experience in the security sector we know how to successfully detect and prevent any possible attack.

All Safemon products are in-house designed and developed by our expert engineers in Greece.  We also take it one step further by providing custom-made solutions built on our customers’ needs

Safemon is powered by Divico Security, a security company based in Greece. Divico Security, founded in 1982, is a forward-looking company focused on providing high technological security systems, solutions and services. 

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Custom Solutions

How it Works


Define - Contact our team about the challenges you’re looking to solve and the features you are interested in the most.


Design - Our experienced engineers will understand the problem at hand, outline the specifications and develop from scratch the security applications built to your needs.


Develop - During the initial stages of each security product, we work with our client partners to evaluate effectiveness and make adjustments, if needed.


Deliver - After we deliver your product we provide ongoing training and service to keep your security product performing at its peak.

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The future of CIT is Safemon