Meet Cerberus

Cerberus made CIT safer than ever

Cerberus is a large-capacity wheeled case that has been developed for safe cash collections and transits. In case of any attack attempt, it is activated and neutralizes the content by injecting ink and smoke. Its unique structure with the wheels and the extendable handle, allows easy collections and transfers of large banknotes' amount.

How Cerberus Works

In case of attack attempt, an alarm siren is activated and the case blasts off thick smoke externally for 50" from 1 smoke bomb as a deterrence method. Immediately after, it releases into the case's content a non-toxic smoke and ink, staining and neutralizing the valuables.

Standard Functions

  • Impact/cut detection

  • Electronic overall surface protection

  • External Smoke

  • Internal Ink and smoke

  • Timer Activation

Optional Functions

  • GPS Connectivity

  • DNA Taggant Ink

We provide custom solutions built to your needs!
Fully Customizable

Cerberus case is fully customizable based on your needs

Dimensions & Weight

50 x 30.5 x 45.7 cm 11.0 kg




14.000 Banknotes

Wheels & Handle

2 on the bottom and extendable handle for easy carrying

Unique iButtons

All Safemon’ s cases include 3 unique ibuttons that cannot be copied with different functions. The ibuttons are unique keys-switches that act as entrances to each case and have a unique password.
1. The Activation/Lock Key The function of the Activation/ Lock key is to activate and lock the system of the case. This ibutton is the first step to secure and protect the valuables of the case.
2. The Sleep-mode Key Its name also indicates its function! Sleep-mode ibutton suppresses the case's system and makes it dormant until it is activated or locked again.
3. The Master Key The Master key is the most important ibutton as it is responsible for the entire operation of the system in a Safemon case.