Track & Monitor CIT products

Ensure the safety of all your CIT products by using the advanced Global Positioning System (GPS) with which you can locate, track, and monitor the transit process in every step.

Your own personal platform

Every customer of Safemon which has the optional monitoring package, get access to all of their assets anytime. Due to the customizability of the platform, we have developed the client can perform various action such as:

  • Remote command to disarm the bag

  • Remote command to enable the siren

  • Remote command to enable the external smoke

  • Remote command to enable internal ink to destroy the banknotes

  • Remote command to permanently disable the bag so none can open it even if they have the correct electronic key.

From Safemon platform you can also export many logs about operation of you CIT-ATM operation.

Many more configuration upon request.

Ready to take your CIT to the next level?