Meet Pandora

Pandora's Box

Safemon also specializes in ATM - cassette protection systems development against any attack attempt. Pandora is an innovative device with 2 protection functions (active and passive) that neutralizes the cassette's content by ink and smoke injection.

How Pandora works

Pandora security system fits to any ATM cassette.

Passive protection system:

The passive protection system for the banknotes coloring works automatically in case of an ATM explosion, and neutrilazes the cassettes' content.

Active protection system:

The active protection system for the banknotes coloring, is being activated automatically by the ATM's security system, or by a specific sensor, (e.g. door opening) to prevent any false activations. In order for the active protection system to function, it is required the cassette to have installed a passive protection system. The active protection system will neutrilaze the banknotes: A) in case of explosion B) in case of burglary C) in case the sensor detects: - high temperature - movement of the safe - a not authorised safe opening

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