Technical specifications


(With Smoke and ink)

1 Weight 5,4KG
2 Construction Material Hard plastic samsonite type suitcase
3 Dimensions 50Χ40Χ14CM
4 Capacity 40 bundles of 100€
5 On foot transfer By pressing the button on the handle
6 By car transfer By cable tied to a fixed point
7 Surface protection The entire surface of the suitcase is trapped with thin wire which is cut in any attempted violation with knife, ax, flame etc
8 Openings’ protection The opening on the front as well as the hinges at the back are trapped
9 Activation-Deactivation-Lock It activates-deactivates-locks with a security key which means that it locks and is activated simultaneously as well as it unlocks and is deactivated simultaneously
10 Visual indications Indication for transfer on foot, Indication for transfer by car, Indication for the duration of a travel, ON-OFF visual indication
11 Audible indication Indication for transfer on foot, Indication for transfer by car, ON-OFF visual indication
12 Alarm siren Piezoelectric 105 db at 1m
13 Money coloration With smoke and ink simultaneously in the interior
14 Deterrence method It blasts off thick smock externally for 50sec from 1 smoke bomb. 2 external smoke bombs upon order
15 Smoke Red non-toxic smoke which paints. 60gr smoke ampoule
16 Ink It sprays 1 KG of non toxic ink in 1 sec
17 Battery 2V-1,2AH lead battery, rechargeable
18 Duration of travel Programmable. It has been set to one hour by the factory. Default time (one hour)
19 Programming Via RS232. Easy to change
20 Duration of the alarm before the activation of the smoke bomb 20sec
21 GPS for monitoring via the Pythagoras program Optional, only upon order
22 Instructions via GSM Sends and receives 5 instructions. Optionally, upon order
23 Operational consumption 30ma
24 Continuous operation without charging Approximately 30 hours
25 Certification CE EMC Directive: 2004/108/EC
26 Applicable standards ΕΝ 61000-6-3:2002EN 50130-4: 1996